Building Plan Review

For more than 30 years, Fire Safety Consultants, Inc. (FSCI) has been the leader in third-party, municipal building reviews and inspections. FSCI provides complete, third-party building plan review services for nearly 200 governmental agencies, architects, building owners and developers.   Building plans received by FSCI are checked for compliance with model construction codes and standards adopted in a specific jurisdiction as well as locally adopted amendments to the model codes.  FSCI is a trusted resource for municipalities and fire districts looking for third-party building plan review and inspection. Our third-party plan review process includes fire code, model building, electrical, accessibility, mechanical and fuel gas and plumbing codes and the Life Safety Code (NFPA 101). The following includes a list of disciplines included in our third-party building plan reviews:

  • Architectural
  • Structural
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Plumbing
  • Accessibility
  • Life Safety
  • Energy conservation
  • Special use building and structures
  • Fire code

FSCI prtotie_building_plan_review_consultantovides third-party municipal plan reviews based on traditional paper plans or, in certain instances, can provide reviews based on electronic submittals subject to local jurisdictional accepted practices.

We typically complete all third-party, municipal building plan reviews within 10 business days.  FSCI reviews will comply with local amendments and can include structural plan review upon special request. An expedited plan review service is available for an additional fee which reduces completion time to 5 business days.  Subsequent reviews are normally completed at no additional cost to submitter.  Plan reviews for tenant buildout or remodeling projects are completed at fees which are discounted from our standard fees.

All third-party, municipal building plan review fees include one project meeting and unlimited phone consultation.

We would like to remind our clients and customers that the Building/Life Safety Plan Review Transmittal Form needs to be included with ALL Building/Life Safety Plan Review submittals sent to our offices for review. We are committed to accurately and promptly completing your plan review, so please be sure to fill in all sections of the transmittal form. Failing to do so will cause a delay in getting your review completed while we wait for missing information.